X-Men: The New Mutants

The movie tells the story of an certain school, which is under the guidance of Professor Xavier. This school is unusual, in it people are trained – mutants. These people have different supernatural abilities. Abilities in the future can be used to benefit humanity.

According to the plot of the film, a new generation of people comes to school – mutants, their task is to learn many new and interesting things, and also to manage their abilities. But, several gifted students are grouped together to learn how to combine their supernatural abilities and fight evil.

Each character has his own ability, this unit includes Sam Gantry, who has a nickname – Cannonball, Sanspot – a mutant that absorbs and controls solar energy. Magma, which is subject to parokineses, Magica – creates and manages teleports, Karma, which is subject to telepathy and several other characters who also have supernatural powers. It depends on them the life of each person.

On our world enemies are attacked, they want to realize their treacherous plans. They should be interrupted by mutants, but they are still so young and puzzled only by their studies and relationships between themselves. Will they be able to resist evil and save humanity? The film will tell about it.

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