Wonder Woman 2

The Wonder Woman 2 movie tells the story of a girl from Amazon, who lived on an island that was separated from the whole world in a closed society, not allowing outsiders. Here were just all the conditions for it to be comfortable to live and lead a peaceful life. But then, as many remember, there was an invasion of this island by an accidentally shot down plane, which fell right near the island. Many Amazons realized that trouble overtook their island. They realized that the pilot should be helped. Then Wonder Woman responded first to the call of help and went to help a stranger. As many remember, after that the Amazon fell into our world, which is full of dangers and contradictions.

The sequel will tell in the future how the Miracle Woman, being in our world, tries to resist everything that falls on her, and to something that simply did not exist in her society. Its complexity lies in the fact that it can not cope with its own “heroism” and does not help anyone at the same time. But demons should not be kept in oneself. Since the last release of the film there are a lot of questions, the answers to which have not yet become concrete or known.

There can be a resurrection of Steve Trevor. This is for sure one of the most anticipated questions that exists in the picture being viewed. Many revival decisions will simply depend on this resurrection. Presumptive responses from the directors were that the resurrection could happen, but so far it is unknown. Will the Miracle Woman in such a case marry a resurrected Steve? The answers will be known after watching the pictures of the audience.

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