Tom and Gemma are looking for their dream home. They visit a real estate agency, where they are greeted by a salesman, who accompanies them to a mysterious neighborhood to show them a single-family home. There they are caught in a surreal nightmare…
From what has already been written, the only Ana / 21 apr. approached sensibly to the truth. Yes, it’s a metaphor on the “American way of life” with all the pitfalls open for novices and naive couples. It has horror tones with psychosis crises like “Black Mirror” generated by incompatibility. between the needle. casual and naive couple and the “infernal car” of society. For consumption. The relationship in the couple degenerates quickly, the despairs taking the form of the child-devil that insinuates itself between the two, destroying trust and humanity, burying love and hope. It’s a shockingly harsh metaphorical “surgery.” It is also worth discussing on specialized criticism (it is not for everyone).

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