A happy African American family is driving a car to rest. Young parents with two children dream to quickly be in their country house and enjoy leisure in nature. They have big plans for this weekend: meeting friends and talking with their own children, who usually get little attention.

As soon as the family arrived at the destination, then immediately went to the beach, a lot of sun, good mood, good company – all the components of a happy life, it would seem, are brought together. But, in the afternoon, terrible knowledge began to come to the younger son of the family. Parents, at first did not pay special attention to the son’s strange behavior. After all, the fantasies of young children are different, children are characterized by anxiety, groundless panic. But the night inspired fear and death horror for the whole family. Night guests – the family of mad monsters, was on the threshold of the dwelling of peacefully resting people. And their goal is to destroy the living.

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