The Upside

In the film 1 + 1: Hollywood Story 2019 online, a major famous businessman has trouble. He has an accident and can no longer stand up. Condemned to lying in bed and being in a wheelchair, he is looking for a nurse. Given his imperious nature and the complexity of care to find such a babysitter is not easy. He already has a casting job, but it is difficult to find an experienced babysitter from the applicants who will cope with their duties. But suddenly he takes as a nurse an African American who has never encountered such work, but he urgently needs a lot of money, which the businessman promises for his work.

African-American nannies were given real mansions to live in the house to which he was not used, but he was also not used to caring for the sick and he should learn a lot. And soon he from the nurse becomes the best friend of the businessman, thanks to him the businessman changed his attitude towards life.

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