The Electric State

The script of this film is written according to the novel by the Swiss writer Simon Stalenhag. The producers of the film “The Country of Electricity” are the well-known Rousseau Brothers in the West, and the film itself will be adapted by Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeeley, who wrote such books as “Captain America”, “Avengers”, Winter Soldier “, etc.

The plot of the film develops in the late 20th century in America. In the list of main characters in the picture, a bold teenage girl and her favorite companion robot, who does not leave his only friend for a second. Such a small but friendly company they travel together throughout America, trying to figure out what is the reason for the stagnation of the country.

For the fascination of the plot to experience exactly not worth it, because behind the film are talented people, and the post-apocalyptic theme will not bore the spectator of any age.

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