Second Act

If a person is talented, his recognition will not be long in coming. American melodrama “Start over again” tells of just such a story. A modest employee of the popular brand of shops “Costco” in one instant and hour decided to change her life abruptly.

Madison Avenue – the location of the hypermarket, in which the heroine works. Smart and fashionable stores compete for a rich client. Contractions, supported by the laws of business, are increasingly reminiscent of the laws of the jungle. There is no place for the usual, ordinary buyer and warm human relations.

Our heroine intends to change only her life. To do this, she will be faced with the arrogance and arrogance of the powerful. But street hardening, not obtained at the university, comes to her aid. Many curious episodes show how ingenuity can withstand arrogant and arrogant behavior. The personal life of the heroine also turns sharply at 360%. Relationships with the opposite sex reach a new level and are clearly of higher quality. Here, as they say, before the wedding is at hand …

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