Minecraft the Movie

To build skyscrapers and buildings-all the time was the work of the hands of the strongest and boldest. But now, you do not have the right to make a mistake. Sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish a builder from an architect, and sometimes it’s completely impossible, because in their sphere they are close to each other. For those who are always engaged in something, there are no unattainable goals. For the Heroes of Maincraft to erect a building-a real nonsense, and if you are doing this for more than a year, then even more so.

But here again there is a place for the destroyers of order, those who care no less for your works. There are more criminals than the buildings created for them, and, finally, the true masters of the blocks, saviors and real heroes must come to the rescue. True, not everything is so simple at first glance, as it seems, because the one whose shoulders are responsible for protecting against criminals can hardly be called sinless. More than once and he was seen behind the dark deeds …

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