Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy (2019) is the tangled story of a family moving into a retired mansion, where they are soon targeted by an entity that takes the form of a terrible monster. Kara, a single mother, moves from New York to the quiet rural environment, along with her two children, for a job opportunity she cannot afford to give up. The family moves to their new home, where Kara begins her career as Walter’s personal nurse, a man with multiple sclerosis and a rare anti-aging evaluator with a secret past. Her teenage son, Jesse, is most unhappy with this, losing her friends and moving to the middle of nowhere. Things seem pretty normal until Jesse discovers an old mysterious relic in the old man’s house. This discovery entails unexpected and frightening things. Everyone quickly discovers that the relic contains more than legends. Inside, there awaits a terrifying creature, born of old darkness and pure instinct: a prehistoric cave spider, different from what the modern world has ever seen. What will be the outcome?

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