Isn’t It Romantic

Since Natalie, a young architect, has moved from Australia to work in New York, it seems to her that everything around her is not really happening. She does not leave the feeling that she fell into the scenery of a battered romantic comedy, where everything is built on some clichés, which she diligently tries to avoid. The situation is aggravated when she neutralizes a robber in the subway, but she herself is unconscious for a while.

When she awoke, she begins to see the world as if in a pink color. Bouquets from mysterious fans, scenes from the finale of Cinderella, romantic beauties who don’t give her a pass, and ordinary couples just start dancing on the street. All this cannot be true, and the girl tries to prove to everyone around her that this is all artificial, but it is not so easy to do when the whole world has gone mad.

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