Despite her experience, Nicoline, an experienced psychologist, is completely captivated by the sex offender she treats in a criminal institution. She starts a new job at a criminal institution, despite the fact that she has decided to never return to psychiatry. There, she meets Idris, an intelligent man with an antisocial, narcissistic personality disorder, who has committed a series of serious sexual crimes. After five years of treatment, his first unsupervised probation follows. The team of practitioners is enthusiastic about his development and behavior, but Nicoline does not trust him. Idris tries hard to convince Nicoline of her good intentions, but as she remains skeptical, he slowly but surely becomes violent. Idris transforms into the manipulative man Nicoline saw in him from the beginning. A game of power arises between the two, and Nicoline, despite her knowledge and experience, is completely seduced.

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