Hellboy 3 – Rise of the Blood Queen

The red hellish guy is back in line again. In Britain, the bloody wife of Merlin Nimue resurrected. After a long-awaited return, the bloodthirstiness of the queen rises to outrageous proportions. The power of people is not enough to pacify a supernaturally powerful being.

And this means that a redskin wrestler with a supernatural evil will have to go to the British Isles for the next salvation of mankind, which still refuses to recognize him and continues to fear.

And again, before the most hellish hero of mankind, there will be a choice not to shift to the side of evil, where he will become practically a deity. However, the devil will once again prove that with a terrible appearance and unlimited power, he is still on the side of peace and good, and monsters on his shoulder on both sides of the ocean.

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