Grand Isle

The story of the film takes place in 1988 on the island of Grand Isle. Buddy is obliged to work hard to earn a living for his family and provide them with everything they need. One day a neighbor asks Walter to fix his fence, and Buddy immediately accepts, even though a hurricane is soon approaching, and he gets to work. The neighbor’s wife, not at all embarrassed by her husband, flirts with Buddy. It soon starts to rain, which ruins Buddy’s plans. Wanting to go home to his wife and child, he realizes he can’t, failing to start the car. He agrees to enter the house, where Walter persuades him to drink a glass of alcohol, and stay overnight. The next morning he wakes up in the car, with a corpse on the right and the police next to the car. Now he must remember the events of the unfortunate evening and prove his innocence.

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