The film follows the adventures of Dr. Dolittle, the main character in a series of children’s books written by Hugh Lofting, starting in 1920. After losing his wife seven years ago, the eccentric Dr. John Dolittle, Queen Victoria’s famous doctor and veterinarian from England, he is isolated behind the walls of his mansion, in the exclusive company of his exotic animals. But when the young queen becomes seriously ill, Dr. Dolittle, initially reluctant, is forced to set off on an epic adventure to a mythical island in search of a cure for the disease. During his search, the doctor joins a young apprentice and a cheerful band of animal friends: a restless gorilla, an enthusiastic but stubborn duck, a cynical ostrich, a happy polar bear and, finally, a stubborn parrot, most trusted advisor and confidant of Dolittle. As he intersects his path with old opponents and discovers wonderful deeds, Dr. Dolittle regains his wisdom and courage.

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