Daniel Isn’t Real

Based on the novel “In This Way I Was Saved” by author Brian DeLeeuw, Daniel Isn’t Real (2019) follows the story of a young man suffering from violent family trauma and invokes his imaginary childhood friend, Daniel, as a coping mechanism. in the face of suffering. At the age of 8, Luke, a traumatized boy, invents an imaginary friend named Daniel, who leads them both in a world full of fantasy and imagination. After Daniel instructs Luke to do something terrible, Luke is forced to leave him behind. However, twelve years later, Luke brings Daniel back, who now appears in the mood of a charming, manipulative young man with a terrifying secret agenda. Charismatic and full of maniacal energy, Daniel helps Luke achieve his dreams, before pushing him to the edge of despair and in a desperate fight to control his mind and soul.

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