Cold Pursuit

Residents of the snow-covered town on the border of the state are only grateful to the calm and the driver of the sweeper, who cleans the passage to civilization in time among the snow layer. However, the message of the tragic death of his son becomes for the hero the beginning of a real battle unfolding in the streets. Caught under the influence of a criminal gangster, the teenager was forced to perform dangerous work, the result of which led the guy straight to the morgue.

The desperate hero decides to completely destroy the network of a drug dealer killing all the assistants that are significant to him. When there is no longer anyone to strangle in the underground parking, or drown in the pool, or dump from the roof. the hero is taken for the leader. By setting a trap for a criminal, he forces him to play by his own rules, luring the enemy into the forest, where the snow can become both a friend and a natural enemy.

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