Captive State

What many people knew about, what they talked about for many years, laughed at and what they were afraid to imagine, happened: the Earth is facing an alien civilization. Everything went very quickly – in a matter of days, people were captured by the enemy superior to their intelligence and equipment. Dozens, if not hundreds of films, have already told the audience this story, only the end always changed – sometimes people fought off the invaders and defended their right to cut down forests and pollute the atmosphere for their own pleasure, but more often aliens would prevail. But what begins after this? What is it – to be on the other side of the darkest scenario? That is what the film “In Captivity” tells.

So, the Earth is captured. During the ten years of occupation of Chicago – the city, apparently, remained in our usual state – turned into a classic totalitarian zone. Who would have thought – through light years, worlds and galaxies, the reincarnation of dictatorial regimes of the twentieth century was approaching Earth. Even a little offensive: this is something we could have arranged for ourselves! But you can’t argue with aliens. Every step and breath of the inhabitants is tracked and recorded, but people have adapted to this. And they also took up the old: since the struggle against the invaders was useless for obvious reasons, the people of the earth begin to confront each other. People are divided into those who have adapted to life in the alien occupation and those who resist (pretends more). Even in the face of the worst threat in the entire history of the threat, people failed to rally and went wall to wall. A brilliant illustration of why aliens had no difficulty in capturing the planet.

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