Beneath the Leaves

James Whitley, a sick psychopath with blurred eyes, kidnaps four boys from a provincial town. But his grotesque desire for bringing together orphaned children with their deceased parents is restrained when boys escape and he is arrested. Twenty years later, Whitley escapes from prison during a fire and decides to resume the mission suspended after twenty years of imprisonment. Detectives Brian Larson and Erica Shotwell start tracking Fugitive Whitley after he has escaped. Discovering that Brian was one of the first orphans kidnapped by Whitley, the police commander is suspending Brian’s case, considering he is too involved personally. Brian nevertheless refuses to give up the case and continues to follow Whitley. Full of anger and driven by the thirst for revenge, Detective Larson follows the stubborn psycho himself, just to fall back into the same trap he escaped once in his childhood.

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