Avengers: Endgame

Scattered by the force of gloves, the team of avengers is trying to gather heroes who survived the duel. However, this is difficult to do, because the iron warrior is lost in space, his assistant guards disappeared on the surface of the wild planet, and the captain is turned into dust of eternity. Only the widow and her friend the shooter are trying to find the right solution in order to turn back time with the help of the doctor and his magic circle.

Only the corresponding stone deeply hidden in the glove on the hand of the villain abandoned to another dimension can wind off the universe clock. To get into this world and try to steal an artifact, a man in an ant’s suit is going to risk his life in a space that is hostile to any organism. This risky operation should serve as an opportunity to revive the murdered daughter of a titan, capable of eliminating her adoptive father. Suddenly, an unknown player intervenes in the plans of the heroes, for whom it is not profitable to change the existing reality, so he announces the final fight for peace.

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