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Your Son

Javier Jiménez is a successful physician and lives with his wife Carmen and his two children, Marcos and Sara in Seville. His quiet existence is disturbed the night Javier, while in the hospital, finds out that an ambulance has brought Marcos to the hospital he is working on after receiving a violent beating that sank him into a deep coma. Orbit of rage, pain and helplessness, and seeing how little effort the police file to find his son’s aggressors, Javier begins secretly in his own investigation. Javier begins to question Marcos’s friends, but also his ex-girlfriend, Andrea, in an attempt to learn something about the identity of the aggressors. He discovers that one of the attackers is a teenager named Albino, the son of Manolo, the owner of a discotheque frequented by his son. But the good intentions of Javier only cause more problems …

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