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Way of the Wicked

When he was just a child, Robbie (Jake Croker) tried to defend his girlfriend, Heather (Emily Tennant), when it was harassed by classmates. His attempt to do a good soldier, but, tragically, and one of hărţuitori loses his life. Many years later, Robbie is returning to his hometown and is eager to befriend again with Heather, to the displeasure of her colleague, Greg (Aren Buchholz). However, Robbie is also in the midst of several dead suspect because the victims have had in one way or another something to do with it, Henry (Christian Slater), a răspopit priest, is convinced that Robbie’s the Antichrist and wants to persuade John Elliott (Vinnie Jones), father of Heather, that Robbie’s the blame for all the evil that’s going on.

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