Uncut Gems

A New York jeweler by the name of Howard goes into all sorts of trouble. He makes risky bets, owes money to the mafia, cheats some of his clients by giving them fake watches that he claims are very expensive, holds up valuables that do not belong to him. It is not very clear how he got to live his life like that, with his soul at his mouth, on the edge of the precipice. The Safdie brothers don’t give us much information about his past, but we see that he is part of a Jewish business family. He has to maintain his family (three children and a wife who moved away from him), but also a separate apartment where he spends some evenings with his mistress, an employee of his shop. More important is the fact that this delirium, this anxiety – masked by exuberance, but hardly controlled by a man who wants to leave the impression that he is safe – seems to be in fact his deep nature.

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