The Wolf Brigade

The Wolves’ Brigade details a geopolitical context in which the two Koreas remained with little choice but to reunite as a result of tensions in the region between China and Japan, which also puzzled the US and Russia. A five-year plan for the reunification of the country is announced, but it meets the opposition of both neighboring countries and the US, resulting in sanctions, including a blockade on oil. This blockade destroys the Korean economy, causing huge disturbances. All of this gives rise to a terrorist anti-reunification group, called The Sect, who uses suicide youths to destroy reunification. An elite police force, known as the Special Unit, is launched by the unified provisional government to combat terrorism, causing internal breaks in security services. In the midst of this power struggle lies the relationship between Joong-Kyun, a member of the special unit, and her colleague, Yun-hee, the older sister of a girl known as Little Red Riding Hood. They are soon in the midst of a battle between powerful institutions as rumors begin to circulate about the “Wolves Brigade” emerging within the special unit.

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