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The Sand

A group of friends spend the beach together with classmates over spring break. While one of the petrecăreţe, Heather shoots, two from the party boys, Vance Gilbert and I come across a huge ball covered with a jelly-like substance. The party continued all the invitees have put phones in a bag because spending can be seen online. The next morning, Kaylee and Mitch find themselves in the middle of salvamarului. Kaylee lover, Jonah, finds herself in a nearby car with a young woman named Chanda. In the back seat and his girlfriend are Ronnie Vance. Kaylee observes a bird stuck in the sand. Kaylee warn not to touch the sand of Marsha, however it does not listen. Marsha and Vance are swallowed violently by the sand to the dismay of his friends don’t know how to escape from this place.

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