The Professor and the Madman

Based on Simon Winchester’s bestseller, The Professor and the Madman (2019) is an extraordinary story about madness, genius and obsession. The achievement of the English Oxford Dictionary began in 1857 and was one of the most ambitious and revolutionary projects ever undertaken. Professor James Murray accepted the challenge of creating the most comprehensive dictionary ever made, though he knew it would take him over a century to gather all known definitions. However, by outsourcing work, that is, through the active participation of people around the world, the dictionary could be developed in just a few decades. As the definitions were gathered, the supervisory board, led by Professor Murray, discovered that a man, Dr. W. C. Minor, introduced more than 10,000 items. When the commission insisted on honoring it, a shocking truth came to light: Dr. Minor, a veteran of the American Civil War, is a condemned killer and imprisoned in a psychiatric asylum.

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