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The Possession of Hannah Grace

A shocking exorcism session escapes from control, ending the life of a teenager. A few months after the event, former policeman Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) is trying to return to normal life after witnessing the death of his partner without being able to intervene after he had consumed drugs and alcohol to defeat pain. Megan is now working on the morgue of a hospital in Boston, where he managed to talk about vices, finding some peace in this place of death and loneliness. But one night, after receiving a completely disfigured body, things start to change. Closed in the basement of the morgue building, along with this mutilated corpse, Megan begins to have terrible hallucinations. Asking if she is still in her mind, she is afraid that this body is possessed by a demonic force, being ready to come back to life to kill.

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