The Monkey King 3

A great tour of the main characters leads to a country in which only women live. This country is very insidious, if these women notice male blood, then naturally one can say that they want to use it. The main characters perfectly understand that they are in a big dangerous situation, with which it will be difficult for them to cope. Yes, in reality, it can be said that the situation is personally hopeless for them.

Not only can they be killed in the country by women, they can hardly be released from this country at all. There is no way out, because the local ruler is sure that uninvited guests, and the male should not be released. Soon, in the development of this situation, the Tang monk interferes. Together with the men, the Tan monk is preparing a treacherous plan of escape from the abode of women. There will be a very difficult battle and the hospitable ladies will not let them go alive. How does this battle actually end? Watch out for all the events while watching the picture by the viewer

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