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The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Kion son of Simba and Nala’s is playful and lively. But it is fortunate his elder sister, Kiara to be queen in Pride Lands. Kion has revealed that adult lions roar that only they have. This is a great gift. Kion is convinced that thanks to this special roar will become the strongest and most respected lion Pride Lands. But with this comes a responsibility roar measure. Kion’s mission is to form a team able to protect Pride Lands and maintain the circle of life. Kion in this team chooses the best friend of his Bunga, grandson of Pumbaa and Timon’s. The team will take on the name of Lion Guard. To be complete, a monkey named Kion choose a hippo named Fuli and Besht. The only problem is that these animals are not lions.

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