The Irishman

An imposing middle-aged man named Frank Chiranu is the main character of the Irish film (2018). Having behind him not a small criminal past, he does not even try to disguise his criminal intentions, but it seems that luck preserves this man and all the evidence confirming his unequivocal involvement literally disappear from the crime scene.

On the agenda of the police a new case comes up, about the disappearance of the leader of the most famous trade union movement – no one Jimmy Hoffam. This media guy was closely connected with the ill-fated Irishman – Frank Shiran, which means it’s just a matter of digging deeper to catch and punish this scoundrel as soon as possible, which for a long time misleads the police.

It remains only to guess who will win in this unpredictable battle – the true gangster Irishman or valiant guardians for order ?! Or maybe to learn the important truth, it is enough just to ask about it looking into the eyes ?!

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