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The Incredibles 2

Robert Parr decides forcedly in the animated film The Incredibles 2 to abandon the super heroic career and start life from scratch. The fact is that many remember him a famous superhero who saved the world from villains and whom all the townspeople loved. Since the moment he became popular it took many years. The mood of the townspeople changed dramatically for the worse, and the main character turned into a result not as the savior of the city, but simply as a pristine person who is forced to do something good to do.

Many townspeople do not like Robert’s impulse, and even once Robert was sued for wanting to save someone from danger. Realizing that superheroes are not needed by anyone, the protagonist leaves work. He works on a routine job in which there is no romance or adventure.

Robert’s family has long known that their father is a superhero, and even children are allowed to enjoy super abilities from time to time. The father sees support in his children. Well, for now, there was a peaceful idyll in the Parrov family. Shortly there was a tragedy in the life of the city. The city is attacked by villains. Now the superheroes of the whole Parr family need to dress up in suits that give super strength and rebuff the enemy. Children for the first time will go on assignment together with their father to see how a beloved father fights against villains. However, not all so simple. Idyll of home and quiet life so changed his father, that now he forgot about some of his super abilities. But still something remains. Therefore, every villain will receive his due. What is the result? On whose side is the victory?

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