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The First Purge

Beginning for his election campaign, the senator chooses an effective way to end crime for at least one night. She allows to massacre massacre, when any citizen of the city can take up arms and deal with the one who hates the most. She expects that the country will thus be reborn, cleared of excess human rubbish. However, the streets are not just crowds of maniacs and robbers who break into the house, killing and stealing property.

This night, several heroes are fighting for survival in their own ways. A young married couple tries to get from the guests to his house. A desperate man is looking for his family, which he met from the airport. The teenager returning from the party and even the senator herself, as the escort of cars in which she was traveling from the residence was ambushed. Now, along with the usual brave inhabitants of the district, the heroine will fight with bandits of different stripes to try to live up to the morning and to see with her own eyes the arranged bloody offspring.

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