The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir

In The Incredible Adventures of Fakir movie, Ajatahatra is a fraud from God. How else to explain how easy it was to convince the inhabitants of a small village in the Indian wilderness to give him the last blood for traveling to distant France. And for what? Having pretended to be a fakir he wants to realize his childhood dream – to buy a bed in the fashion store “IKEA”. But at first glance, a simple task turns out to be a big deal for the scammer.

By the will of the case, the fakir is locked in a closet in one of the very fashion shops in Paris. This is how his adventures begin. Where will the wardrobe leave with a scam? What tests will be on the path of Ajatahatra? How will he change his life? Will the swindler realize his dream? Answers to all the questions and much else you will learn by looking at the adaptation of the famous bestseller Romain Puertolas. Drama and comedy, love and friendship are all intertwined in the film of Marjan Satpari.

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