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The Endless

When in childhood, two brothers witnessed a terrible mystical ritual conducted by the Satanic sect in which they lived, they decided to escape. The boys tried to disappear unnoticed, got into the foster family, and, having grown up, moved to another city and tried to forget about the cult.

The situation changes when the elder brother receives an e-mail with an invitation to visit the community and help hold the annual rite. Otherwise, the life of his beloved, who has remained in the community, will be under threat. Despite the younger brother’s protests, the brothers come to their former comrades, where they instantly witness mysterious and unexplained events. They see the double moon and hear mysterious voices. The usual rope turns into a snake, and in the woods a sorcerer’s tent is found, in which strange hours count down the time of their own life. Realizing that the community will not let them go at will, the heroes begin to fight the cult using unusual methods and weapons capable of eliminating Satanists.

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