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The Diary of a Teenage Girl

In 1976 in San Francisco, Minnie, a teenager aged 15 audio begins to keep a diary. It is eager to lose their virginity. Even if the boys at school seem to like, Minnie fears that not enough attractive. When his mother Minnie extravagant, Charlotte, is too busy to go out with her boyfriend, Monroe, he suggests to Minnie out on the town. At the bar, flirting Monroe and Minnie and Minnie says she’d like to sleep with him. The two begin to have passionate encounters in Monroe apartment. Minnie gives details of his sexual experiences best friend, Kimmie. Charlotte begins to suspect that between Monroe and Monroe Minnie is something but manages to convince her that it is only in his imagination. After Charlotte discovers audio diary, he confronted the two. He is convinced that Minnie and Monroe should marry.

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