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The Boy and the Beast

The story of a boy and a beast: both alone, both stubborn, both strong. For the reindeer, a praying God gives power for nine years-old, things are as stupid. His mother lost his life in a car accident, his father is unavailable. Desperate, reindeer runs away from home in the streets of Shibuya and trying to handle it alone. In the Animal Kingdom this cruel rabzoinic Kumatetsu Shibuten, it is certainly not feared but is disliked or respected. When the Lord decides to retire and become a God, Kumatetsu decides to take his place. He and noble lord Iouzan are the strongest. However, until the Kumatetsu proves that it is capable of good deeds, there will never be a candidate to be taken into account. When Ren is wanders through Shibuten, the two meet and reindeer is baptized by Kumatetsu Kyuuta.

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