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Dr. Alice will study the behavior of people in their dreams and the reasons why people have dreadful thoughts in their heads. From some side to study nightmarish visions specialist is scared. But this is the profession of specialist Alice. The work is not easy and therefore it is necessary to know many different facts that relate to the physiological state of a person. An interesting fact in the main character is that she herself is inclined to see nightmares and see paradoxical phenomena. With this, she struggles on her own. She studies her physiological state to help later others.

One day, a couple came to see Dr. Alice. There were problems in their family. The problem was that the husband and wife had horrible nightmares. Dr. Alice was familiar with this problem, because patients often visited her, who had seen nightmares. She wanted to prescribe a prescription that would allow the main characters to recover from the problem and stop dreaming. But as it turned out that the problem that the protagonists have is not so simple, since there are problems here.

Dr. Alice believes that an evil spirit penetrates into the family of patients, which frightens them. Dr. Alice believes that it is necessary to abandon those standard methods of treating nightmares, which she used before. In her hands, the preservation of the physical and moral spirit of the family. If the ghost who lives in the house, the family will drive the heroes crazy, then all this can be a lamentable end. To save the people of the protagonist face to face will face their own visions and nightmares.

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