Sidney Hall

A young writer Cindy Hall does not know how to raise her popularity. He is a creative person and is engaged in writing books. Soon he was very lucky and lucky, he smiled the right side. All why? As it turned out, the main character showed his creative power and published a book that tells about the tragic death of his classmate. His story was based on real events. Some time passes, the book enters the masses and the main character becomes popular and receives great respect among people.

Relationships due to great popularity forced his girl to disperse with him. However, everything in life, despite this the main character went well. But after the main character wrote all this same book, fate was offended by the main character. The fact that the main character somewhere mysteriously disappeared, and after 10 years began in the city where the main character lived the arson. Each of these arsons is associated with those events that were described in the book. What ends in this situation, for the protagonist?

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