Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

This is the continuation of the struggle of Alejandro Gillike against the Mexican cartels. In the first part Alejandro avenged the cartel of Sanor for the death of his family – his wife and daughter Gillike perished through the leaders of the cartel of the brothers Dias. The former military did not have to rest for a long time to rest. The CIA is in awe, as a large batch of drugs and explosives has been discovered that runs through underground tunnels from Mexico to America. The attackers started something wrong and threatened the peace and quiet of ordinary people.

The CIA agent, Gravers, has no choice but to return to Alejandra Gillike, who knows how to resist the Mexican bandits by hearsay. Alejandro does not want to get involved in the confrontation of the American authorities with the Mexican cartels until the last, but old scores incline the scales towards participation in the operation. Now the Mexicans will be tight, because on their way again Gillike, and this promises a real war. The sea of ​​blood, chases and shooting in the action film “Soldier” is guaranteed to you.

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