In the film, what will happen if a not quite happy boy suddenly gets unusual abilities? So at once – nothing will happen. To the superpower was given, but the instruction to use was forgotten.

Billy Betson is a troubled orphan who does not live in foster families. But probably a good guy. After all, one day he was chosen as his heir by a superhero. After uttering the name of the predecessor, the boy learned to turn into an adult uncle in a tight suit. Logically, assuming that the transformation is not his only superpower, Billy is taken by trial and error to find out – and which others, along the way helping (how to turn out) the dumbfounded population. It’s good that there is a friend next to you who understands this devilry. After all, the newly-born superman himself would not have found out how to pee in a tight suit (he’d have to forget to put on his pants too).

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