Quiet Comes the Dawn

Experiencing the death of her brother, in which the heroine blames herself, the girl, on the advice of her boyfriend, turns to a sleep study clinic. She is sure that a slow immersion in a dream state will relieve her of nightmares, as the doctor promises. However, with the advent of dawn, the heroine does not awaken, and she finds herself imprisoned in the body of a pregnant woman from her realistic horrible dreams.

Here she is followed by a dead brother, an incredible monster who takes away souls and long-dead people with whom the heroine once intersected. To get out of her own dream, the girl has to help otherworldly spirits to get rid of the tormentor. For this you need to solve the riddle of the death of your brother and get rid of the torment about his guilt. To this end, the heroine decides in a dream to restore all the events of the tragedy that happened in the past.

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