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Strange events occur in Tehran. Someone who kills, good kinemotographists who are excessively popular and have great fame in society. Many people were killed by an unknown person. The police are trying to do something but for the time being all is in vain. One man who, also engaged in the cinema sector, is very concerned not that he is alive, but because the maniac does not pay attention to him, so that he is also killed. maybe he’s not just so famous that even a maniac does not want to pay attention to him?

However, for man, a completely different role will be assigned to a maniac. The man whom the maniac does not want to kill will be made the executor of all committed crimes. It managed to do so, as suspicions and accusations against the film director have already been made. He is believed to have killed his own colleagues because he wanted to get all the fame and reputation. All that made the investigation directly says that the man is guilty. Did he get such a black PR? What is the fate of a man?

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