Phantom 2018

Charles was not perfect, young, handsome and talented, skillfully discerned the reason and reason, was experienced, but incredibly proud and arrogant. How he felt fashion, thought through every little thing, tried to be better, and not just seem, being in constant work on yourself.

The guy was able to advise, listen was an interesting interlocutor, he suggested what was appropriate, complimented, but did not flatter. Fashion girls listened to the words of the celebrity, noble people dressed in the outfits created by the quack. Talent knew perfectly well that he did not rely on stereotypes to suggest, but invented models with glitter, without unnecessary tinsel. The mind and sense of measure allowed the designer to create masterpieces, he received orders from the royal family and from representatives of the first level of leadership. The number of children can not be considered, there were no flaws in the styles, the clients fully trusted the taste of the unmatched master. In those years, the British people began to pay special attention to appearance, trying to look attractive, the fashion industry was gaining momentum.

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