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Night Train to Lisbon

Raimund is a Latin teacher and an expert in ancient languages who teaches at a school in Switzerland. His life is changed completely by a young woman seen on a bridge in the city of Berne, Swiss, and rescues her from suicide in the waters below. Raimund is intrigued, but the woman disappears, leaving behind only her coat. In his coat pockets, Raimund finds a book written by a Portuguese physician and in whose pages there is a train ticket to Lisbon. He is used to that ticket and leave everything behind departing on a trip to Lisbon in order to locate the woman. Eventually, his search turns up Little of women on a mission to find the author of the book and thus a dark chapter revisits the history of the country, revealing at the same time a tragic love triangle. He is drawn into a high-stakes puzzle. Eventually his way transcends time and space, touches issues of history, philosophy, and medicine, experiencing love and evolving into a search for liberating the true meaning of life.

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