Night Hunter

US law enforcement captures an online predator, but soon realizes that the seriousness of its crimes far exceeds what they anticipated. Lara, a young woman, and Cooper, an older man, form a team, working together to catch sexual predators. Lara is the bait and Cooper is the physical force. However, when one of the predators misleads and manages to kidnap Lara, Cooper is forced to bring in Detective Walter Marshall and law enforcement in pursuit of the criminal. With their help, they are able to track down the young girl and arrest Simon, a degenerate predator, who insists that all of this is part of a “game” and that everyone plays it. When two more girls disappear and Simon manages to escape the arrest, revealing that they do not work alone, Marshall and Cooper set off on a counter-race to find them, while also discovering that the truth behind the case was always right in front of their eyes.

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