Mr. Jones

The year 1933. Gareth Jones is a young Ukrainian journalist who gained fame after writing about his encounter with Hitler, and is now looking for the next important story. Soviet utopia is everywhere in the news, and he cannot help but wonder how Stalin is financing the rapid modernization of the Soviet Union. Jones decides to travel to Moscow in an attempt to get an interview with Stalin himself. There, the young man meets Ada Brooks, a British journalist, who reveals that the real story about the regime is violently suppressed. Hearing the rumors of government-led famine, a secret hidden by Soviet censors, Gareth manages to escape the authorities and travels clandestinely to Ukraine, where he witnesses the atrocities of starvation, where millions of people die, while all cereals are sold abroad. to finance the Soviet empire industry. Back in London, Gareth publishes an article that reveals the horrors he witnessed, but hunger is immediately denied by Western journalists living in Moscow, under pressure from the Kremlin. As death threats escalate, Gareth must fight for the truth. Soon, he meets a young author, a man by the name of George Orwell, to whom he shares his findings, thus influencing the great allegorical novel “Animal Farm.”

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