Motherless Brooklyn

Based on the novel by the same name of writer Jonathan Lethem, Motherless Brooklyn (2019) follows the story of a private investigator with Tourette syndrome who tries to solve the mystery of his mentor’s murder. In New York in the 1950s, Lionel Essrog, a lonely detective affected by Tourette’s syndrome, strives to elucidate the mystery of the murder of his only friend, Frank Minna. For Lionel Essrog, a victim of Tourette’s syndrome, Frank Minna is a savior. On a fateful night, Frank Minna is stabbed to death, and Lionel is forced to plunge into a complex and dangerous network of relationships, threats and favors. However, no one and nothing is what it seems: not even Frank or his grieving wife, Julia. Armed with only a few hints and the powerful engine of his obsessive mind, Lionel reveals carefully kept secrets that sway the fate of the entire city.

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