In the 2019 Minecraft movie online, building skyscrapers and buildings all the time was the work of the strongest and bravest. But now, you have no margin for error. Sometimes, it is rather difficult to distinguish a builder from an architect, and sometimes it is completely impossible, because in their field they are close to each other. For those who are always engaged in something, there are no unattainable goals. For Heroes of Minecraft, building a building is pure nonsense, and if you have been doing this for years, then all the more.

But here too there is a place for the destroyers of order, for those who do not care for your labors. There are more criminals than the buildings created for them, and, finally, the true masters of the blocs, the saviors and the real heroes must come to the rescue. True, not everything is so simple at first glance, as it seems, after all, the one on whose shoulders the responsibility for protection from criminals falls can hardly be called sinless. Not once, and he was seen behind the dark affairs …

The result, the outcome of events depends on a single duel. And only by its outcome will the future path become clear. What and how to do next.

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