Mary Shelley – A Storm in the Stars

An girl named Merry and experiencing some disappointment in life, she has a clear feeling that she will not be able to fulfill all her dreams. Although the young lady is only 16 years old, but such thoughts already come to her. Municipality of a noble family and lives in a posh mansion where guests often gather. One evening they were greeted by the beautiful Percy Shelley, who immediately won the heart of the girl. Soon the young confess their feelings to each other, the prince says that he feels alive next to the City Hall and invites her to escape.

Mom saw the new hobby of her daughter immediately began to chastise her, because of Percy there are unpleasant rumors that he is a drunkard, a traitor and much more. Not listening to her mother, the girl runs away with her lover. Soon they get acquainted with Lord Byron, who is not indifferent to the young lady. Percy says that they do not mind if they become lovers. This is a complete absurdity, and strange things begin to happen to the beloved, he seems to be turning into a beast, completely not controlling his words and actions.

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