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Love of my Life

A doctor surgeon decides to make life a calvary of Julius, a boy whom he chose, without even asking him if it agrees or not. The boy realizes one day that captured in a medical center, without knowing from what grounds or in what way it got there. The young man seems to be scared when he learns that actually will experience terrible torment and will be subject to many devilish pleasures. For five days it will have to withstand attacks or to find different ways to get rid of this obsessed. If you resist, then his lover will suffer and he incidentally. Seeing it without power, the only thing you can do at the moment is to endure severe pain which is applied and so try to not create more problems. The doctor has made many plans with him and still do not know if it will remain alive after five days. All this carnage gradually Gehendra will remember about his background and how he ended up in hospital.

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