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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, rare species of prehistoric dinosaurs were brought out free of charge, full film by talented geneticists. The park on a separate uninhabited island has become an unprecedented curiosity. The incredible efforts invested in the event, opened access to those wishing to look at ancient animals, very dangerous reptiles and flying monsters, pterodactyls. The sensational project promised big profits to the creators of comfortable accompanying buildings. However, the idea generates victims, Grady and Deering did not keep the majestic wild inhabitants beyond the fence. The park’s operation has been stopped, and the project has been mothballed, with rare attempts at penetration by extreme lovers.

Now the problem with growing dinosaurs will go beyond the borders of the island and the dilapidated deserted amusement park. The secret of the source code of monstrous monsters will be recklessly spread and picked up by many world research centers. World genetics intend to compete, shining with their own abilities, excelling in the cultivation and cloning of rare individuals, extinct lizards. The threat to humanity will become quite tangible, because the data are available to many, respectively, used with different intentions. Some scientists will implement a stunning discovery for good, others will try to modernize the original stage, creating living “machines” for mass destruction.

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